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Do You React or Respond to Rejection?

Do you react or respond to rejection?

Every person at some stage of their life has experienced rejection.

Firstly, we need to learn what the definition of rejection is.

Rejection is when we are not accepted by others, not included, or invited including self.

There are many forms of rejection:

  • When we are not included or invited into a collective group of people
  • When a friend doesn’t respond to a message
  • When a family member doesn’t communicate effectively
  • When we reach out to our support network and receive no response
  • When we apply for a new job, and they don’t reply
  • When you are rejected from your sporting team
  • Intimate Relationship Rejection
  • Children feel rejected if they don’t receive high grades or achievements
  • Preventing yourself from experiencing a positive state – Self Sabotage/ Rejection of Self


The question is do we have to feel negative when we are rejected?

Our first response may be negative due to previous negative experiences related to rejection.

We can react with Anger, Sadness, Fear & Hurt. Reactive behaviour is like throwing fuel on the fire, again and again, and again. We can continue the same same however what will this prove?

If we react in the same way every time, nothing changes. Not everyone is going to behave the way we expect it to be. Maybe the person who you contacted was busy that day, maybe you and another family member live through different values and beliefs, maybe the job you applied for is not suited to you, maybe your partner needs space or maybe you haven’t learnt the best ways to communicate.

There are so many variations however to sit and reflect is more empowering than to react in negative ways.


So how do we move through this experience and feel empowered?

How do we respond to rejection?

Let`s look at rejection from a different perspective.

It has been said that rejection can often mean redirection.

There is something better coming.

Parents do the best they can with the resources they have available to them at the time. Maybe they are parenting just the way they were parented, and they know no better.

It is also important to know that you have done your best and you have given your best effort.

When we are not invited and feel rejected by a group or collective ask yourself this question. Are they really my type of people? Maybe not, look at the disconnects in this scenario.

The challenge that we have these days is that everything is instant. We expect answers at the push of a button. People get busy, and not getting an instant reply is not necessarily rejection.

The new job maybe was not a good fit. Regarding jobs and relationships, look at this as a redirection. The right job is out there. The right partner is out there. Timing is everything.

There is always a bigger purpose.

We understand that long-term rejection can take its toll on the way you feel about yourself and others. Rejection is often connected to abandonment. So, if this is you and you have had your fair share and it stops you from living your best life. It makes you question your decisions let's talk.

There is always a solution.

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There is always a solution....

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