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I Feel Sad All The Time

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I Am Anxious All The Time
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Hurt People - Hurt People
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Maybe its Not My Guilt

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When Enough is Enough

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We Just Don't Talk Anymore
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How Time Line Therapy® Can Improve Your Sleep

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What Specifically is a Limiting Belief
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Our Relationship is

Lacking Intimacy

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Cause & Effect,

Results or Excuses

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Heal The Child &

The Adult Is Free

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Trust the process, create the action steps and the results will start to appear !

Google Review - Sarina

Carol and her husband Luke are amazing coaches. I was a very difficult client to have at times and found it hard to open up but they never gave up on me. I’m so glad I stuck through, they have given me life lessons to remember and really helped me let go of the limiting beliefs I had.

Couldn’t recommend them enough!

So so grateful for them.

Your thoughts do create your reality. Once you understand this, you are more powerful than you realise...

Google Review Cathryn

I love working with Carol. Having previously studied hypnosis with Carol, I was excited to work with her 1:1 as a coaching client for 4 months.

We spent many weeks doing a detailed and involved timeline therapy process, which helped me let go of many issues from the past which I had been (unknowingly) carrying around.

Then we worked on goal setting and a few other things.

Carol is compassionate, understanding, caring, and really listens.

I love talking to her each week and feel like my life will have a gaping hole in it without her!

Your future wellness, here today