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Why we CHOOSE not to fight or argue..

Just recently it was highlighted to us that Carol and Luke are TOO happy. (And that`s perfectly ok).


A little of our story; When Luke and I decided that we wanted to be together and to be a couple we had a lot of discussions about our previous relationships. We had both been previously married. I had been married 16 years but together for 20 years.


Luke had been married for 12 years but together for 17 years. After our marriages broke down we both entered another relationship.

Both lasted 6 years, and both were not at all pretty.


Conflict in my relationship used to go in waves or cycles of 3 weeks. My ex-partner had argument withdrawal and used to pick just about anything to fight about. Which did wonders for my self-esteem (NOT). The bitching, arguing, and complaining about every little thing can really take its toll. Luke`s situation was similar with constant questioning and nitpicking for the littlest thing. Even for a man, this can become hard to take.


Coming out of these relationships we were both battered and bruised emotionally. We both had a lot of work to do especially on our self-worth.


Luckily, by the time we met, we had both done a lot of work on ourselves and we were both in a good place however I do remember it took a little while for my wall of protection to come tumbling down.


We made a conscious decision to not fight or argue. We just choose to communicate in a way that is always loving and respectful. If we disagree on something we talk it out SIMPLE AS THAT. This certainly doesn`t mean that our life is boring because we don`t argue. My life is the most exciting it has ever been. This is a conscious choice. We both get very passionate about things at times, and we need to get our point across however no arguing or raised voices needed.


We know that our happiness also highlights the unhappiness in others. If you are in a relationship and you know that things need to change let us show you a different way.


Communication is key!

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