Something's Not Right

Maybe It's Not My Guilt

In previous blogs, I have spoken about the 5 negative emotions.

Now I want to address the last one, Guilt.

This is a big one for many.

Guilt can rear its ugly head in so many scenarios.

1.   After leaving a relationship

2.   After speaking badly in the heat of a moment.

3.   Feeling like you are not doing enough

4.   For speaking up

5.   A mum going back to work.

6.   Staying in a relationship that doesn`t serve you.

7.   Putting yourself first.

These are just a few of the events that have been true for some of the clients I have worked with.


We first need to acknowledge that the emotion of guilt exists, and it is sometimes the hardest one to speak about.

However, let’s look at this from another perspective. Have you ever thought about guilt NOT being yours.

This is a scenario that I have witnessed with so many of my clients.

When someone decides to work with me I take down a complete personal history of every significant emotional event that they can consciously remember. These significant emotional events will have negative emotions attached.


Here are some more real examples from past clients.


1.   My husband cheated on me.

2.   Sexual abuse as a child.

3.   My boyfriend beat me up.

These are examples where my clients answered GUILT as the emotion attached to these events.


1.   My client truly believed that it was all her fault and then she felt guilt after the marriage ended.

2.   My client felt guilt because nobody believed her and then must have deserved the abuse.

3.   My client felt guilty because she started the argument.


When we release these negative emotions in Time Line Therapy® everything changes.

Regarding the guilt of these events, every client was in a state of disbelief that they were the ones that felt the guilt. It wasn`t theirs to feel in the first place.


You see, doing the work on past trauma or significant emotional events frees you to move forward. When you no longer have an emotional attachment to your past events it gives you the opportunity to start with a clean slate.


Yes, you know it happened however the event is no longer a part of you that stops you from living your best life.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

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